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Maintenance Programs

Otis the office dog says
" You can extend the life of your system by 5+ years with regular maintenance""

Maintenance Program Options

Did you know:  A well maintained system can reduce energy costs by 20-50 %

  • With a maintenance agreement, our team can identify and resolve any issues before it becomes a larger issue.

  • Monthly billing makes this an affordable way to extend the life of your system

  • Maintenance program customers do not pay a service fee for calls within their contract

  • Protects your equipment warranty

  • Purchase accrual for each year of participation that counts toward the next system 

  • Discounted rates towards any repairs needs while in the program





*additional systems add $9.99 per system

*additional charges apply for non standard filter sizes

**Pre-existing conditions must be repaired at execution of contract. Discounts on services applied.

***Code upgrades are considered pre-existing repairs.

**Light cleaning includes lightly soiled parts. Additional charges may apply for excessively soiled issues 


Bi-Annual System check up 

21 point tune up prior to the taxing summer and winter seasons as well as filter changes

Discounts: 10% off all parts and labor, 25$/yr participation credit towards new system 

The Better program/ $30 per month


Quarterly System checks

21 point tune up as well as filter changes and light cleaning as needed


Discounts:10% off all parts and labor and 50$/yr participation credit towards system upgrade

The Best program/ $50 per month


Monthly system checks

21 point tune up as well as filter changes and light cleaning as needed

Discount: 10% off parts and labor, $100/yr participation credit towards system upgrades

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"Establishing a service agreement with a reputable contractor is a good way to ensure that your HVAC equipment received regular spring and fall maintenance for maximum efficiency and to catch problems early, before they can become bigger and more expensive. A service agreement also gives homeowners priority during the hottest and coldest months, when problems are most likely to emerge." -AHRI

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