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We Offer Air Conditioning  and Heating    Sales, Service & Repair   

Key words: Thermostat Installation, Ventilation & Duct Work

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Filters, Indoor Air Quality,

UV Lights,

At JW Mechanical Systems we offer a variety of makes, models,  sizes, and styles that are ENERGY STAR qualified, meaning they meet U.S. EPA standards for energy efficiency. These systems maximize comfort while minimizing energy costs and sound levels.

While we offer you a variety of options to purchase, we partner  with Goodman Manufacturing as an A+ dealer (Amana, Daikin) and Armstrong Air- as an official Comfort Team dealer, as we prefer to utilize US manufactured products.

Need a new thermostat? We can do that.  Call to discuss what your needs and wants are with our licensed professional


Need to know if your system is the correct size for your house? We can do a heat load calculation to ensure that your system is not over sized (not always a good thing) or undersized (never a good thing)

Are you noticing that some rooms are cold while others are hot? You may need some duct work adjusted or replaced. We are certified in Residential and Commercial Air Balancing. We are also certified Residential and Commercial Performance Technicians (that means we don't just know how to work on  AC systems- we actually do continuing education to keep up with the technology and the science behind the changing industry)

Is there water coming from your secondary drain line (AKA emergency drain line) - clogged drain lines are an extremely common occurrence here in Texas where condensate drain lines often accumulate debris or have an overgrowth of algae. Give us a call before this secondary drain line becomes a primary drain line issue (into your attic and possibly through your ceiling ! -- In that case you needed a float switch) 


Not sure if you have a float switch?  By code, you need a float switch so that you don't have water come through your ceiling in case of an overflow. We are happy to take care of that!

Media Filters for all types of Allergens, these offer UV light and Charcoal filtration -call for more details

Air Purification options

REME HALO product -click below for more amazing details on this product!

Options and Service


Mechanical Systems
11255 Camp Bowie W Suite 115
Aledo TX 76008


Maintenance  Programs 

See how our maintenance plans can save you money and extend the life of your system

Click here for more details >

Otis the office dog says "Use the convenient financing option in order to get you that new system and save money in the long run"

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Customer testimonials

I would've given 10 stars!! - I called 3 different AC companies out to bid what we were told initially was an outside compressor that needed to be replaced. Don't want to mention names but the first two companies were going to charge $1,200 and $1,350. I'm glad I called JW Mechanical because they came out and put a little Freon in to bring the system up to operating level and saved me over $1,000. I didn't choose this company because they were the lowest price, I chose them because the technician and owner seemed to be more knowledgeable and WAY more professional. I will definitely recommend using JW Mechanical to everyone I know!


- Gabriel D., Springtown, TX

Quick and affordable service. They exceeded my expectations in every way.


- Brian J., Aledo, Tx


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